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Freelance Editing


In addition to being a working writer, Greenwald is a practiced freelance editor with experience across editing for fiction and screenwriting. 


On the book side, Greenwald has written reader reports for literary agencies such as TriadaUS, The Bent Agency, and Jill Corcoran Literary Agency. She currently reads and gives notes on projects for CAKE Literary. She was a YA mentor in Author Mentor Match, where her mentees have gone on to be published by Big 5 publishers. She has also mentored most recently in Pitch Wars. Additionally, she has cultivated experience giving developmental and line notes on authors who have gone on to have their work published by HarperTeen, Simon Pulse, SSFYR, and many more. She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from The New School with an emphasis in Writing for Children and Young Adults. 


On the screenwriting side, Greenwald has been a reader for production companies affiliated with Disney, Sony, Dreamworks, Netflix, and many more, with over seven years of experience writing professional coverage. She’s been a reader in screenplay contests such as Coverfly and given notes on pilots that have gone on to be bought by Netflix. She is a graduate of USC with a degree from the School of Cinematic Arts. 

Questions? Contact me and/or book at my contact page. You can expect a response within 48 hours. 


Greenwald writes and actively reads broadly across genre and age category and accepts inquiries in any genre/age category Middle Grade and above. She’s especially suited to Middle Grade (any genre), Young Adult (any genre), Adult (romantic comedy, women’s fiction, mystery/thriller).

Developmental Edit: If you’ve finished a draft of a book you want to query and want to make improvements to the structure, plot, characters, arcs, and voice, this edit is for you! I’d provide a standard edit letter of five to eight single spaced pages. $0.014/word

Line Edit: This edit would include my reactions to the material as well as comments on character, tension, dialogue, pacing, etc from a scene and line level. Additionally, I’d include notes on recurring grammatical issues. Ideal for writers who’ve already gone through big picture edits with CPs but want to make the manuscript shine. $0.017/word

Developmental + Line Edit: This edit would include both the in depth edit letter and in-line comments. $0.024/word

Sensitivity Read: I’m Reform Jewish (specifically mixed faith),  and have OCD and Generalized Anxiety and can provide sensitivity reads for characters with those identities. This can be combined with any of the above services or on its own. $0.005/word

Query: I’ll read over your query and offer feedback on the pitch, biography, comp titles, and tips for personalization. $35 for first round and $15 for additional rounds.

Synopsis: I’ll read over your synopsis and edit it for length, clarity, and stakes. $40 for first round, $15 for additional rounds

Submission Package: Ideal for writers preparing to query. This package includes a query critique, synopsis critique, and an in-depth read of the first three chapters with the goal of making it ready to catch an agent’s eye. $100+ depending on the length of the chapters


Greenwald writes and actively readers broadly across genre, but is best suited for feature (any genre), dramas/dramedy (any subgenre), and animation (any genre). 

Reader Report: You will be given a mock reader report, including a summary of the work, comments on structure, pacing, character, dialogue, plot, and visuals, and whether I’d recommend/consider/pass if we were in a production company scenario. Approximately half page for summary, one to three pages single spaced for notes. $200

Reader Report + Line Edit: You will be given the reader report and I’ll additionally offer in-line notes on dialogue, readability, and visuals. $350

Bible: I'll proofread and edit for clarity on your show bible. $50

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